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The Artistic Selfies Of Ivanka Danisova, Slovakian Lady Born With Half Face

A lady, called Ivanka Danisová, as well known to be a Slovakian lawyer and was given birth to with a half face can now take a normal selfie after undergoing a surgery. born with half a face can finally take a ‘normal’ selfie following reconstructive surgery.

She is 30, from Bratislava, was born with a congenital birth defect that made her to be tormented and bullied by most people around her from her childhood.

Ivanka Danisová spent most of her life covering up the defect with her long hair and as well battling the cruel comments she gets from strangers. She has defied medical expectations and her bullies, Ivanka Danisová has been the first European lady to undergo life-changing treatment for the condition in the United State.

The Slovakian lawyer studied in the UK and will be traveling back to Chicago by September to have one final operation so she can live a normal life with everyone around her.

“My childhood was not a walk in the park, as there were moments when I was shown in a cruel way that I am “different”. Then I was diagnosed, I was given no hope. I wasn’t even supposed to survive. Despite many obstacles I have always viewed myself as a child with vision and goal in her life and nobody and nothing could stand in my way. As I was growing up, I learned to strengthen my confidence, because when I was little, I wasn’t the brave person that I am now. I was a small, timid little girl who fought for every success in school, to succeed and show everyone that one day I will grow up to be worthy,” she says.

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