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Russian Clubs: Moscow Nightlife In Spectacular Photos By Nikita Shokhov

Within about five years the Russian photographer Nikita Shokhov (previously) has been capturing rather absurd and sometimes even ugly realities of Moscow nightlife. During this time Nikita has collected the series of pretty entertaining photos.

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Nikita Shokhov tells: “The first place in Moscow I got to was the former night club ‘Rai’. As soon as I came in I faced a huge tiger being in a cage. Four guardians were around it. They gave the tiger some drugs that it was more quiet.”

“Once, in another Moscow club (it was some religious holiday) I saw how female dancers were dressed like nuns and then organisers gave them big dildos. When they came to a rehearsal, the art director being terrified cancelled the show.”

“In recent times I almost don’t take photos inside clubs, but I try to find interesting scenes beside it.”

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