Hilariously Honest Comics That Perfectly Capture Annoying Everyday Moments

“Why does this always happen to me?” we like to ask this question even after the tiniest mishaps and disappointments. Well, it doesn’t. Coffee spills and power shortages happen to everyone. To remind us that the universe doesn’t have its favorites, London-based artist Natalya Lobanova draws comics about universal everyday struggles we face, and she’s doing a darn good job, too.

More: Natalya Lobanova, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

“I’ve been making drawings and comics since 2010, but comics are the entirety of my work,” Natalya said. “I am also a painter, illustrator, and animator. For me, comics tend to be fun side projects I occasionally make. They are, however, the stuff people like best, because they’re the most relatable!”

“None of my comics are about my life specifically,” the artist added. “I tend to focus more on universal feelings that I believe everyone experiences, usually of existential angst! I deliberately avoid drawing myself in comics, which is why sometimes I resort to an amorphous blob-like person, as I see that as a sort of ‘anti-character.’”

“I tend to complete things super quickly and try and put a point across with the minimum amount of words necessary.”

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