“Introspection”: The Superb Digital 3D Sculptures of Sasha Belitskaja

Aleksandra (Sasha) Belitskaja is an Estonian architectural designer and XR developer whose work centers on novel interactive design models and the interplay of new emergent aesthetics. Her projects focus on utilizing computer graphics and game engine technology to explore new forms of connectivity between audience, architect and community. Her experimental work and proposals have been published internationally.

More: Sasha Belitskaja, Instagram, Hicetnunc, KnownOrigin, Twitter

Aleksandra has taught workshops on building dynamic spatial conditions through custom built game design environments and experimental 3D modelling softwares.

She received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Dundee, graduating with distinction, before completing her MArch with distinction at Die Angewandte in Studio Greg Lynn. Throughout her professional architecture career, Aleksandra has worked for award winning internationally-known innovative offices in Stuttgart, Vienna, Los Angeles and London.


Sasha Belitskaja is a creative currently based in London. Currently she works as an XR developer at Grimshaw Architects. She also co-founded and leads @iheartblob, a small creative collective offering various digital design solutions.

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