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Metallic Bras From Space! Sci-Fi Pulp Ladies & Their Shiny Metal Brassieres

For some reason, mid-century sci-fi pulp magazines always had their ladies wearing metallic bras. Go figure. By the 1960s, space women finally started wearing more reasonable attire – like fabric miniskirts a la Star Trek. But in the 1940s – 1950s, the dress code was strictly enforced – shiny, polished metal brassieres only!

Let’s face it, a primary reason for these shiny breast-coverings was simply to titillate potential buyers. How exciting would it be to have space maidens wearing baggy T-shirts and overalls?

h/t: flashbak

Of course, the metallic space bra trend didn’t end with the 1950s. Here’s an arcade game advertisement from the eighties displaying that old familiar shiny-intergalactic brassiere we all know and love…

… and you didn’t think I’d go through a whole post on metallic space bras without mentioning slave Leia, did you?

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