The Prince Of Surrealism Takes A Poetic Approach – The Worlds Of Rafał Olbiński

For more than three decades, the Polish-born illustrator, graphic designer, and surrealist painter Rafał Olbiński has lived and worked in New York, winning more than one hundred awards during his career for his imaginative acrylic paintings and distinct posters.

His approach to painting has often been compared to that of French surrealist master René Magritte, as both ground their works in thought-provoking images. Olbiński, however, veers towards the whimsical and has named his particular approach “poetic surrealism.”

Recently, Olbiński said: “I have advice for young people: if you have a choice between something that is more easy or something that is more difficult, always choose the more difficult. Challenge yourself. If you think that you cannot do something, just because of this, do it. It’s the only way to learn—to face something which is difficult. That’s advice to everybody, actually.”

More info: Wikipedia (h/t: beautifulsavage)

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