The Oscar Nominees 2020 Noir Poster Series By Nuno Sarnadas – Design You Trust

The Oscar Nominees 2020 Noir Poster Series By Nuno Sarnadas

Nuno Sarnadas is a digital artist based in Portugal. “Very early I revealed myself as being a very creative child who took advantage of all surfaces to draw, forcing my parents to watch closely all the time.

In my teens I broadened my horizons beyond drawing and now encompassing design, illustration, cartoons and architecture. Studied at the School of Technology and Management, where I graduated in 2010. Today I (mostly) spare the walls and now turn to sketch books as well as constantly trying new styles and keep up to par with all the new trends. Creativity, passion and high rates of caffeine in the blood are my brand images.”

More: Nuno Sarnadas, Twitter h/t: posterspy

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