This Artist Creates Amazing Banana Art Made by Poking and Bruising the Skin, No Ink is Used – Design You Trust

This Artist Creates Amazing Banana Art Made by Poking and Bruising the Skin, No Ink is Used

The COVID-19 lockdowns have had a very different effect on people. While the boredom made some depressed, it actually helped others discover hidden talents. Take Anna Chojnicka, who started creating adorable banana peel artworks.

To pass the time and keep her creative juices flowing, social entrepreneur Anna Chojnicka started experimenting with banana peel oxidation as an art medium. Instead of doodling on canvas or paper, she decided to simply bruise bananas with thin, blunt objects and let oxidation do the rest. The bruised peel becomes darker as the hours go by, revealing the design etched into it.

More: Instagram h/t: odditycentral

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