Digital Artist Re-Designs Iconic Posters And Album Covers For Social Distancing

This is the world that we live in right now, movie posters and album covers were re-designed for social distancing.

Kode Abdo, better known to the world as Bosslogic, is the most famous creator of fan art on the planet. His imaginative spin on multifandom mashup movie posters and fan-casting drawings get widespread attention on social media. In a grim tribute to the social distancing practices currently being observed to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, Bosslogic has come up with a new twist on blockbuster movie posters by giving them the social distancing treatment.

With every new major movie getting delayed indefinitely, viewers are turning more and more to social media for entertainment. But news of the devastating effects of the Coronavirus is only a Google search away, and Bosslogic’s art does an effective, albeit depressing job of combining the two. Bosslogic has also made Social Distancing album covers to go along with the classic movie posters as well as tackling video games.

More: Instagram h/t: movieweb

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