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The Merging Art & Science Of Daniel Martin Diaz

Daniel Martin Diaz is a fine artist based in Tucson, Arizona, characterised by his unique way of representing the mysteries of life merged with the realms of science. Immersed in scientific and philosophical concepts, Diaz has been mainly fascinated with scientific diagrams which explain theories and properties through the use of images.

“Art is a reflection of ourselves, the story of humanity, and a quest to understand the physical and metaphysical world.” — Daniel Martin Diaz

Diaz’s style is significantly influenced by classical artists of Renaissance, especially Jan van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and Hans Memling. Byzantine iconography, the Illuminati, ephemera, alchemy and anatomical drawings are also incorporated in Diaz’s pieces. He believes that drawing covers beauty and intimacy that paintings cannot capture, as he implied “the subtle lines that graphite creates and the quickness in which one can capture an idea makes this medium alluring.”

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