Artist Rowan Stocks-Moore Reimagines Iconic Disney Posters In His Own Minimalist Style

Rowan Stocks-Moore, a London-based freelance illustrator and graphic designer, who’s passionate about book and film covers, as well as design in general, puts his unique perspective on our childhood fantasy classics.

More: Rowan Stocks-Moore, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy h/t: boredpanda

The talented artist explored the undersurface of Disney’s fairytale ‘happily ever afters’ and gave 16 of the most iconic animated movie posters a minimalist treatment. In his alternative illustrations, he masterfully plays with darker tones and unexpected optical illustrations that would appeal to adult audiences while still depicting charming plots that our inner children are so familiar with.

Most of the artist’s stripped-down Disney designs offer more than they seem at first glance, so make sure your eyes and brain work together not to miss these secret gems!

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