Artist Creates Stuck-At-Home Dresses from Duvets to Brighten Her Isolation – Design You Trust

Artist Creates Stuck-At-Home Dresses from Duvets to Brighten Her Isolation

It was the isolation of lockdown that focused designer Santa Kupca’s desire to create a series of pieces that reflected her removal from life as she knew it.

A product of the pandemic, the series, became a decision to celebrate the necessity of needing to stay home. Entitled ‘Stuck-at-Home Masquerade,’ Kupca was inspired to work to her own brief that took into account the dichotomy of a need to stay entirely comfortable and cozy, while achieving a directional look that screams ‘king or queen of the castle’. Puffy yet elegant, voluminous but elegantly silhouetted, the dresses and accessories that she created are a triumph of creative design.

More: Santa Kupca, Instagram, Behance h/t: plainmagazine

“They romanticise the intimate state of what home symbolises for me in a shaped of soft duvet that can quickly be worn on top of the underwear or just on a naked body,” she says.

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