KAWS Unveils Colossal 150ft Pink Rabbit Sculpture at Prambanan Temple in Indonesia – Design You Trust

KAWS Unveils Colossal 150ft Pink Rabbit Sculpture at Prambanan Temple in Indonesia


Indonesia becomes the tenth global stop for KAWS:HOLIDAY, featuring a vibrant pink ACCOMPLICE character against the backdrop of Prambanan Temple.

KAWS, renowned as Brian Donnelly, has evolved from a graffiti artist to an international sensation. His artwork, recognized by the signature ‘X’ motif on figures and hands, blends pop culture with profound statements. Leveraging social media and collaborations, KAWS has transformed into a million-dollar brand, with Indonesia adding a new dimension to his ever-evolving journey.

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“I’m so happy to finally be able to share these photos from the secret test location for KAWS:HOLIDAY INDONESIA where it will later be on view at a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

For this tenth HOLIDAY project, @KAWS rejoins long-time collaborator @ARR.AllRightsReserved to bring a new monumental sculpture, “ACCOMPLICE”, to Prambanan – Indonesia’s largest Hindu temple complex, offering an exclusive pairing of ancient architecture with contemporary art,” he shared.


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