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Artist Redesigned Famous Yugoslavian Posters To Bring Back Good Memories

Graphic designer Zoran Cardula from Macedonia, Skopje, in his own way paid tribute to the Yugoslav design, and some of the most popular brands and visuals from the time of the former state.

More: Boredpanda h/t: slavforum

Famous retro design that’s set in the context of contemporary visual forms, but without even a hint was not lost on his recognition.

“I grew up in this country, and I wanted to make something that will revive the good old memories. Yugoslavia was known for its strong industry and numerous successful brands, so I decided to redesign some of the visuals that are associated with these products,” explains Cardula on BoredPanda where he published his works, and adds: “I wanted to add a contemporary, sophisticated touch, but while maintaining its distinctive design elements. Unfortunately, many of these products, as well as factories, no longer exist, so it was all the more reason to introduce you to the excellent design of the time.”

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