Spectacular Winning Images of The Life in Another Light Photo Contest 2020

“What changes when we switch to infrared, and which things remain constant? What beauty lies in the light that our eyes can’t see? We want the infrared photography community to answer these questions and more with complete photo essays as well as individual shots.

Prizes will be awarded across 6 categories of infrared photography, and include over $11,000 in cash and infrared photography gear, with a grand prize of $1,000 cash + $1,000 of infrared photography equipment awarded to ‘Best Infrared Photo Essay’. Prizes will also be awarded to one visible light photo essay and one visible light photo per applicable category! We want to help the Infrared community grow, and each Visible Light winner will receive a Kolari Vision gift card for infrared conversion services and gear!”

Norway’s Dream House, in the infrared chrome category. (Photo by Yann Philippe/Kolari Vision)

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The Son Helps His Father, in the portrait category. (Photo by Abdo Tahoon/Kolari Vision)

Home by Lys Olson, a winner in the landscape category. (Photo by Lys Olson/Kolari Vision)

Life on Mars, in the infrared chrome category. (Photo by Katie Farr/Kolari Vision)

The Roberto Clemente Bridge, (Pennsylvania, US), in the long exposure category. (Photo by Joey Gannon/Kolari Vision)

Nature’s Fury, in the landscape infrared category. (Photo by Ken Sklute/Kolari Vision)

Innsjoren, which took second place in the infrared chrome category. (Photo by Hermine Lecucq Jouan/Kolari Vision)

Adrift, in the portrait category. (Photo by Beamie Young/Kolari Vision)

Lights and Shadows in the Dolomites, in the landscape infrared category. (Photo by Tomasz Grzyb/Kolari Vision)

Cyber City, in the aerial category. (Photo by Siu Pik Kam Olivia/Kolari Vision)

Redfoss, in the long exposure category. (Photo by Hermine Jouan/Kolari Vision)

Golden Gate Bridge Engulfed in Forest Fire Smoke, in the landscape colour category. (Photo by Rain Hayes/Kolari Vision)

Golden Hills, Kolari Pocket winner. (Photo by Rob Shea/Kolari Vision)

A Glance Through the Clouds, in the aerial category. (Photo by Vladimir Migutin/Kolari Vision)

Derelict Boat from Above, in the aerial category. (Photo by Ewan J. Richards/Kolari Vision)

Promised Island, in the aerial category. (Photo by Yuri Pritisk/Kolari Vision)

Vertical Forest, in the black and white category. (Photo by Arian Yousefi Javan/Kolari Vision)

Katsiveli, long exposure category. (Photo by Yuri Pritisk/Kolari Vision)

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