This Artist Skirts Instagram Nudity Rules By ‘Turning Rear Into Scenic Landscapes’

Instagram’s rules are very clear that nudity is not allowed on the platform. That’s because the app has a lower age-limit of 13 – so Instagram wants to make sure uploaded content isn’t too smutty. Even some art isn’t allowed if the nudity is too gratuitous.

More: Leah Schrager, Instagram h/t: thesun

Artist and model Leah Schrager has earned a lot of loyal followers with her racy “bum art”. The curvy brunette goes by the name Ona Artist, and has achieved Insta-fame by using her bum as a canvas. Instagram forbids nudity, including close-up depictions of fully-nude buttocks. But “bum artist” Leah uses props and backgrounds to showcase her rear in a tasteful way – so Instagram won’t take the snaps down.

“It ultimately turned out to be a good way to get around the Instagram censors since it put my a*** into an art context,” Leah told the Daily Star. “And while I’ve had multiple photos removed from Instagram, I’ve never had a #toysonapeach removed,” she added.

“I was doing photoshoots and I just started having fun putting objects on my butt and photographing them,” Leah explained. “I immediately liked the way the toys turned my ass into a landscape or theatrical set. I’m constantly looking for ways to create what I call ‘Instagram classics’, which are photos that have a hook so they get more engagement. And #toysonapeach has been my biggest so far, because they are so liked and engaged with they help my growth.”

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