Teach Yourself to Draw with The Help of The Man Who Influenced Walt Disney, 1913

“In drawing from this book, copy the last diagram, or finished picture, of the particular series before you,” advises American artist E.G. Lutz (August 26, 1868 — March 30, 1951) in the introduction to his first book What To Draw and How To Draw It (1913).

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“The other diagrams – beginning with number one, then number two, and so on – show how to go on with your drawing. They give the order in which to make the various strokes of the pencil that together form the completed picture. The dotted lines indicate where light lines are drawn that – help in construction – that is; getting proportions correctly, outlining the general form, or marking details in their proper places. Do not press hard on the pencil in making these construction lines, then they can be erased afterwards. Use pencil compasses for the circles, or mark them off with buttons or disks.”

Readers may also enjoy Edward George Lutz’s Drawing made easy : a helpful book for young artists; the way to begin and finish your sketches, clearly shown step by step, published in 1922. But let’s begin at the beginning. Readers in good company. Mr Lutz authored 17 books, most were how-to manuals dealing with art and drawing techniques, but two were about aspects of the film industry. His book Animated Cartoons – How they are made, their origin and development (1920) was discovered by the 19-year-old Walt Disney at his local library in Kansas City who used it as a guide.

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