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Nuclear Monster: Naked Putin Became a Character in The Paintings of A Ukrainian Artist

“Nightmare that happened in 21 century”

Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Prokhopenko dedicated a series of works to Putin, depicting him as a naked monster.

In one of the works, the aggressor lies on apartment buildings, burning or destroyed. He has a disproportionately large belly with an image symbolizing a nuclear button.

Continuing the theme is a picture of Putin supporting Lukashenko, naked as he is, throwing a missile at a sleeping city. There are hideous smiles on the dictators’ ugly faces.

The artist also depicted the president of Russia defecating with machines marked with the symbol Z.

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“The only kind of art I am capable to do now”

Donate to support the Ukrainian Red Cross to help civilians in this difficult time for Ukraine. You can donate right now:

Donate page on the URCS website:
iRaiser platform
(in Ukraine) SMS to the number 88033 Vodafone. The cost of a charity SMS is UAH 20.

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“Where does the Russian army come from?”

“A monster that cannot be stopped due to the nuclear threat. Get ready to see in your cities and countries wherever you live.”

“To date, about 150 Ukrainian children have been killed by the Russians.”

“The actions of the Russian military in Ukraine are approved by the majority of Russians. Now you know why.”

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