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Artist Reimagined And Illustrated 6 Movie Posters From His Favorite Films

The Revenant (2015)

According to an artist E M Biggs: “My professional art journey has been a long, winding one. I started as an animator at SCAD, eager to work my way towards Studio Ghibli. Unfortunately, the studio closed in the middle of my term. I turned my attention towards Disney, but my professors frequently had the same comments: I focused too much on detail and I was too slow. Loving detail too much to leave it behind, I transitioned to concept art.”

More: Instagram, Behance h/t: boredpanda

Illustration close up

“Leaving SCAD after 2 1/2 years (it was a nightmare for other reasons), I returned to Cincinnati, OH. I then attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati for a year, but found that they would not help me achieve my goals. I then applied to the Columbus College of Art & Design and found the perfect fit.”

Midsommar (2019)

“As an Illustration major, I started to talk to all kinds of people to try to find my way. After years of work, I was still ‘too slow’. Unbeknownst to potential clients or businesses, I’ve struggled with severe mental illness for over a decade. These illnesses prevent me from allowing the speed that companies frequently demand. In the shadow of this, I dove deeper into detail and symbolism to make up for speed. I would pour as much significance and emotional depth into my pieces as possible, to request respect in my art, even if my strengths were in unconventional areas.”

Crawl (2019)

“I visited LA a few times, having discussions with several helpful professionals. After a particularly enlightening conversation with Casey Robin, I found a way to still be a part of the movie culture I appreciate while also indulging my love of detail. I made a list of movies in different genres and started my film poster project.”

It: Chapter One (2017)

“I’ve always thoroughly believed in creating the work that you want to be doing professionally. Therefore, while I work for the Gallery Design Studio part-time, complete pieces for various clients, and more—I create film posters on the side in the hopes of being asked to do more work I love in the future.”

Close up

Klaus (2019)

You’re Next (2011)

Close up

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