Incredibly Unique Shadow Doodles By Vincent Bal


Earlier this year, Belgian film-maker and artist Vincent Bal stumbled upon an uncanny resemblance to an elephant in the shadow of his tea cup. This gave him the idea for Shadowology, a series of doodles that interact with the shadows of simple, everyday objects: a banknote, some ice cubes and a flower, for example, can turn into a church, a woman and a hippy.

More info: Vincent Bal, Instagram


“I draw a few lines and I get my image. It’s really the shadows that inspire me”, Bal says. His free artistic interpretation of the shadows means the possibilities for creating new doodles are endless. “I can create whatever I want. It’s quick, it’s light and it’s playful. It’s a very pure way of letting my creative juices flow”. Here: “Heatwave in Belgium – we want a bottle of snow”.


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