“Angelarium”: The Superb Digital Surreal & Fantasy Artworks of Peter Mohrbacher

Peter Mohrbacher is a surrealist fantasy artist based in Florida who is best known for his Angelarium artworks —  wondrous interpretations of angels from various mythologies and cultures.

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Angelarium is a digital art series created by Peter Mohrbacher in 2005. After a career in game development and a stint working on art for Magic: The Gathering, Peter switched his full-time focus to Angelarium in 2015. Since then, he’s added at least one new divine being to the collection every month.

Peter’s iconic Angels have had a sizable impact on the way pop culture depicts Angels. You can see shades of his influence throughout the digital art world and spot references peeking through in movies, video games, and other media.

As a natively digital painter, Peter’s work has been widely collected through Limited Edition prints. Starting in 2018 he became an early adopter of NFTs and sells his newest work directly as rare digital creations.

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