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Artist Expresses Her Love For Cats And Dogs In Adorable Minimalist Illustrations

Agathe Sorlet is a French artist based in Bordeaux. Currently, Sorlet’s favorite subjects are love, women (whom she draws free, proud, bold, and dancing), and pets such as cats and dogs. The artist has been making minimalistic style illustrations for quite some time now.

More: Agathe Sorlet, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Agathe’s illustrations are minimal, clean, and simple in style, but that doesn’t mean they don’t convey a special message. Though Sorlet likes to draw mainly women, she also dedicates some of her time to make illustrations featuring pets. The naturalness of her art style and what she likes to convey with her work make everything feel very authentic. The colors are usually two and are alternated with contrast, to give more writing to the scenes; her creations don’t require many colors to leave their mark.

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