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“System Errors”: The Superb Glitch and Cyberwave Art Works of Klarens Malluta

Klarens Malluta is an Albanian artist creating high impact work around digital culture. The artist creates one visceral piece of art everyday for Instagram as a way to attach some sort of meaning to 21st century life.

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“I associate my artworks with one of the most common problems of our generation which is Mental Health. In my opinion, with all the pressure and the fast pace of our life, our brains find it difficult to deal with everything and from time to time we get some’system errors’ causing anxiety and depression.

In my designs I see Glitch Art as a way of expressing my ‘system errors’ and every unknown feeling I get from time to time. This gives me the freedom to create my distorted reality,” he told in interview.

“Usually I get inspired from color palettes, 80s style, shape of things and clouds. On my artworks I try to share my feelings or my thoughs on topics like existence, time, god, human mind, anxiety and life meaning.”

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