Having No Computer, This Teacher From Ghana Would Teach Microsoft Word To Students On A Blackboard

A teacher who resorted to using a chalkboard in his computer studies class – because his school in Ghana had no working PCs – has been given a star treatment at an international educators’ conference hosted by Microsoft in Singapore. Richard Appiah Akoto, 33, became a social media sensation after he posted pictures of himself painstakingly sketching out a mock-up of a Microsoft Word screen in colored chalk on his classroom blackboard so his students could learn digital skills even without devices.

Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Worldwide Education at Microsoft, praised Richard as one example of the many teachers worldwide who overcome massive obstacles to meet their students’ needs every day.

“Your work has really inspired the world. It really shows the amazing innovation and commitment and passion that teachers have for helping their students get ready for the future,” Anthony said. “At Microsoft, we believe that educators are heroes and are pushing the boundaries of what is possible to transform learning and making a direct impact on the experiences and lifelong skills of their students.”

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A Microsoft spokesman says: “Microsoft is committed to providing a full computer lab with initial support and training to the school and is currently in discussions with the Ministry of Education in Ghana on the most effective way to deliver this.”

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