“False Gods”: The Superb Retro Aesthetic Artworks of Fârzad Borousan

Fârzad Borousan, known as VΞRTIGO; a young and talented Iranian digital collage artist who creates multi-dimensional comic-book inspired surrealist pop-art with a vintage sci-fi aesthetic.

“As a child I also really loved reading the novels of Dr. Isaac Asimov, a prolific American science fiction writer. His work always engaged me because of his unique sci-fi stories and writing style, all his book covers were always illustrated by truly great artists like Micheal Whelan and Bruce Pennington,” he said.

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“I believe that every artwork should have a deep theme and point for the viewer, and at the same time it should convey a surreal world of escapism away from everyday life, so I intend to present the Science Fiction style in the form of Pop. I like to show parallel worlds in my artwork and I believe that the feeling you convey in a piece of art is more important than technique.”

“I really loved creating this series of dystopian and apocalyptic artworks because the concept behind them is directly aligned with my belief that there is a mysterious force who is directly involved in our lives, an undetectable presence or supernatural energy that is influencing us everyday without our knowledge. For this series I took inspiration from Glen Fabri’s artworks.”

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