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Illustrations of Sensual And Delicate Woman by Lina Toffini

Based in Paris, Lisa Toffini is an illustrator who is on a mission to “bring colorful magic” into the life of the viewers, through “whimsical visual stories with a strong feminine vibe, boosted by high dishes of enchanting nature”.

Her pieces are almost allegories of feminity with a touch of innocent primordial sensuality. If art has always been a part of her life, her style and creative voice are a reflection of her travels and discoveries.

“Researching people’s needs of comfort and beauty – on a global scale – made me realize that, despite our cultural differences, our soulful needs are tremendously similar, and they direct us to the surrounding nature – the nourishing, ever-changing and ever-present Mother Earth”, she explains.

More: Lina Toffini, Instagram, Behance, Shop h/t: fubiz

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