“Serenity of The Night”: The Superb Dreamy and Surreal Digital Artworks of Aron Visuals – Design You Trust

“Serenity of The Night”: The Superb Dreamy and Surreal Digital Artworks of Aron Visuals

Aron aka Aron Visuals is a talented digital and NFT artist based in North Macedonia.

“As an artist my strength would be never giving up, even when I know it’s not really working, I will go back at it, time and time again until I am happy and proud of this!

My weakness would be that I can sometimes almost send myself into a trance looking at an artwork over and over again which can become a bit obsessive and tiring. I think it’s because I cannot bear to fail at something that is so important to me and my mind wants perfection. That’s why I can spend so much time just looking into details until my mind says ”YES THAT’S IT ARON”,” he told in interview.

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“My inspiration are coming from a lot of things like. Sometimes from books I have read, and especially from genre of music because I listen to metal rock and that harmony and symphonic melodies are amazing. Sometimes I can just listen to instrumentals of some songs and creating in my mind while closing my eyes, and also dreams, even imaginations before I sleep or simple life.

When someone appreciates what you’re doing, it motivates a lot, it does not only stroke your ego It means that your work is important and you’re contributing to something meaningful. Also the most important inspiration for me though, is from feeling emotions. The art and creating really save my life in worst time its like a new planet where I can go whenever I want and stay forever and always feeling happy,” he added.

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