WildArt Photographer Of The Year: Winners Of EYES Competition

Eyes Gold Award Winner – Trai Anfield. United Kingdom. Prize: £500

Here are the winners of the WildArt Photo contest in the theme of “Eyes”. WildArt Photographer of the Year is a new wildlife photography competition with a difference. Designed by wildlife photographers, for wildlife photographers and judged solely by wildlife photographers, it features 10 themed category contests run over the first 10 months of 2021.

EYES is the WildArt category which accepted entries during March and is the concept of the category judge and wildlife photographer Josh Galicki from the United States. Josh is one of North America’s leading bird photographers, but he knows a thing or two about photographing other taxa groups too! The WildArt judging team is comprised entirely of respected and award-winning wildlife photographers including Josh; they come from all over the world and have varied styles and specializations.

More: WildArt Photographer Of The Year, Instagram h/t: 121clicks

Eyes Silver Award Winner – Bianca Blonk. Netherlands. Prize: £200

Eyes Bronze Award Winner – Alessandro Chiezzi. Italy. Prize: £100

Eyes Wild Planet Photo Magazine Editor’s Choice – Daniel D’Auria, United States of America

Eyes Wildart Photographer of The Year Founder’s Choice – Łukasz Jabłoński, Poland

Eyes Highly Commended – Bernhard Schubert. Austria

Eyes Highly Commended – Morgane Monneret, France

Eyes Highly Commended – Ripan Biswas, India

Eyes Highly Commended – Diana Andersen, Australia

Eyes Highly Commended – Jeremy Robbins, United Kingdom

Eyes Highly Commended – Jens Birch, Sweden

Eyes Wildart Young Category Winner – Tamás Koncz-Bisztricz, Hungary

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