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Nature’s Dystopian Nature: An Artist Creates Images That Show Nature Taking Over Our Civilization

According to Charlie Davoli: “I made this photo project by producing a series of imaginary pictures in which human beings are distractedly immersed in a reality that is likely to be possible, where the symbols of the modern civilization are inevitably swallowed by the spontaneous vegetation.

The series is entitled “Nature’s Dystopian Nature”.

During my last year of travel, I had the chance to take several photos of cityscapes and urban scenes: in every single shot, I tried to imagine how that particular scene could be if parts of the city were englobed by the wild nature.

That’s how I started blending different scenarios together, basically urban scenarios with nature landscapes obtaining as result impossible dreamscapes.

Every scenario is made of 2 different layers merged together:

On one side the symbols of the continuous economic and industrial expansion, in which everything moves fast, immediate, instantaneous, where there is no time or space to linger and reflect on the own dehumanization process.

On the other the nature that inevitably reappropriates its own space, following its own course, sweeping tragically away every human trace leaving only deep scars

This series is a clear representation of the obvious and resigned indifference of man, regardless even of the macroscopic problem in front of himself, where every bit of respect for this land, for ourselves and our fellows is probably boycotted for miserable crumbs of egoic self-referential.”

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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