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3D Printed Cylinders Tower Over Mars Surface In Latest Design For Habitat Challenge

NASA’s 3D Printed Habitat Challenge has seen several companies competing for a high honor – to design the first habitats for humans on Mars and the moon. Using 3D printing, these competitors have proven their ability to create structures such as cones, cylinders and beams. The most recent phase of the competition takes things to a new level by asking the teams to present their ideas for entire structures. A lot of the ideas offered thus far have been low dome-like structures, some partially buried in the ground. But AI SpaceFactory, the second place winner of the most recent competition round, has something a bit different in mind.

MARSHA (MARS HAbitat), features tall, cylindrical structures that resemble elongated eggs, optimized to handle internal atmospheric pressure and structural stresses. They’re quite different from Earth dwellings, which are designed to handle mostly gravity and wind.

The ground level of each MARSHA structure has a “garage” that contains external systems and exploration activities with a supporting wet lab. Above that is the main hub, with 34 square meters of joint dry lab and kitchen. The third level has individual cabins, a sanitation pod, and a hydroponic garden. The fourth level is a recreation and exercise area and features a bright, water-filled skylight. Each building is made from two “shells” with the space between acting as a light-well. Circadian lighting is designed to recreate Earthlight.

More: AI Spacefactory h/t: 3dprint

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