Photograher Captures Photos From The Highest Places In Tokyo Show The Beauty Of The City

According to Davide Sasso (previously): “My name is Davide Sasso and photography is one of my passions. At the end of last year, I went to Tokyo fulfilling one of my biggest dreams.

During my stay in Tokyo, I visited some of the tallest buildings and towers in the city, such as the Metropolitan Government Building, the Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Skytree. From each of these places, the view of the city was breathtaking, especially during the sunset and when it was night.

The thing that struck me most, however, is that no matter how far I went, the city seemed to have no end. Even from the Tokyo Skytree (634 meters high), the tallest tower in all of Japan, it was not possible to see the city limits. If there is good weather it is also possible to see Mount Fuji, I was lucky enough. Below me hundreds and hundreds of buildings and lights.

If you ever went to Japan I strongly recommend you to go up these buildings to see the city from above, it’s truly a unique spectacle.”

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