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15 Babies Who Are Already Really Into Star Wars


Some parents know you have to teach your kids when they’re a youngling, so they can go on to be strong Jedi Knights. Or at least teach them to become really big Star Wars fans, by dressing them up before they can walk and talk.

Which also happens to be insanely cute, as Mark Zuckerberg proved when he dressed up little Max Zuckerberg in full Jedi attire:

And luckily for us, Zuckerberg isn’t the only one who’s decking his tot in Star Wars garb:

Sleeping Beauty’s fine, but sleeping Leia makes a far better princess

How we imagine Yoda looked before age and wisdom lined his face

He’s got Yoda to watch over him

Already got the Leia bun down

A totally chilled R2-D2

R2d2 baby???the droid I'm looking for???

A photo posted by Shut Up And Paint (@mewdoo2ma) on

Yep, Ewoks can get even cuter

Even when they’re grumpy



Sorry Darth Baby, but you’re too cute to be scary

Chico Vader #starwarsbaby #starwars

A photo posted by Thiago Pimenta (@thiagopimenta802) on

Even stormtroopers fall in love with the cutie

One more month till Star Wars!! #theforceawakens #starwarsbaby #newbornpics

A photo posted by Nancy Rea (@butterflyneg82) on

May the milk be with you

Searching for Yoda

Adorable this one is

Seems only fitting for today's #TBT, who's going to see the movie this weekend?! #doskofoto #starwars

A photo posted by Amanda Doskocil (@dosko_foto) on

When the whole family gets involved

h/t: metro

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