A Pair of Back to The Future Fans Have Built the World’s First Life–sized Replica of The Time Travel Train

Mike Hutchinson, 43, and Ian Robinson, 49, spent five months on their epic recreation. Mike, who is from Bingley, West Yorks, and Ian, who is a prop builder, was influenced by 90s nostalgia. Mike, who is a mortgage advisor, and Ian, from Harrogate, Yorks, have lost count of the number of times they’ve watched Back to the Future 3.

They went above and beyond to ensure the 30ft train looks like the real deal and spent in excess of £30,000 ($41,000). Mike said: “We have both been fans of the films and prop collectors for years.

“Last year, I asked, if I had ever thought of building the train. At that point, I simply laughed off the idea. Coincidentally Ian, who works as a prop builder and I reconnected and we discussed the idea of building the train. You could say we were lucky, as both of our work had dried out due to the pandemic, so we had time to plan and build when restrictions allowed. We researched from watching the film numerous times. We also obtained never before seen pictures from the prop masters and special effect teams from the actual film.”

The pair hope to showcase the world’s first replica to the world when lockdown restrictions are eased. They have been inundated with fans who would love to see it in the flesh. They hope to hire it out for private events in the future.

Mike said: “We are waiting for an opportunity to showcase this world‘s first replica build to the world. The BTTF community cannot believe that we have recreated so an iconic prop. We have hundreds of people waiting for this to be released so that they can see this build in the flesh. It has brought a great buzz to the BTTF community.”

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