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Virtual Reality Device Allows Users to Wander the Forest through the Eyes of an Animal


‘In the Eyes of an Animal’ is the newest brainchild from the London-based design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast, allowing you to take a fascinating journey through the forest with the eyes of an animal. Located in Grizedale Forest, UK and commissioned by the AND Festival, this installation is a virtual reality experience that merges nature with technology.


The futuristic project lets users fly above the trees, come face to face with hi-definition critters and even embody various animals, all within the lush undergrowth of the Grizedale landscape.


The installation further explores the capabilities of Lidar data, a remote sensing technology. After scanning the Grizedale forest with a Lidar scanner, the points collected are then decimated into real-time and combined with further data collected with CT scanning and photogrammetry techniques.


Each rendered scene harmoniously blends environmental elements collected with Lidar with other dynamic particles takien from the CT scans of insects and animals.


The overall experience is further enhanced with audio additions that inspire whole-body bass vibrations in order to recreate the sensations of a breathing and flying animal. The results are a hyper-realistic experience, that lets you explore the forest like another creature.


This virtual reality experience allows users to discover nature through the eyes of an animal, opening up a brand new perspective of the world. Check out the video, below, to get a taste for this amazing new technology.


Via My Modern Met, Booooooom

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