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Fan Yanting’s Minimalistic Ceramics Come With Adorable Faces

Everything gets much cuter when you add a face to it, don’t you think? Taiwanese artist Fan Yanting does just that to the minimalistic ceramic items he makes. His mugs, vases, and vessels gain emotion through faces he sculpts on them. The artist never tries to decide which emotion he will show on a certain item.

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“I empty my mind when I’m sculpting the human faces. I might plan the pottery shape and maybe where I’d like to position the face, but I don’t start with specific character designs in mind,” Yanting told Neocha.

Through the expressions on his ceramics, the artist gives his audience a chance to draw their own conclusions about the emotions behind them. He’s fascinated by the fact that certain sculptures remind people of someone they know and associate with certain emotions based on that, so one piece can be seen in a different way by different people.

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