This Wall Lamp Design Was Inspired By Italian Men Watching Work Being Done On A Building Site

During Euroluce 2019, Italian lighting company Karman, released Umarell, a fun wall lamp that was inspired by a familiar sight in Bologna, a man watching work being done on a building site.

Designed by Giorgio Biscaro, the lamp is a typical wall ‘cube’ with an unglazed ceramic finish and decorative front plate. However, the part of the light that draws the most attention, is a little man that looks down into the light, as if peering into the workings of the light, much like watching a building site.

More: Karman, Wikipedia, Giorgio Biscaro h/t: contemporist

“Like an archaeological treasure that any elderly person dreams might be discovered in their cellar under their careful supervision, the light emerges from the suspended lighting unit, flooding the trusty Umarell with light.”

“There is one day that changes our life.
The day that overturns fate.
So that we are no longer the same as anything we have been.
As anything that has been.
It is a revolution that throws things into disorder.
The energy that lights up the horizon like a bolt of lightning.
The instant that marks the time.
The era of a new light.” — Davide Diamantini, age 48, CEO Karman

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