Macabre Smartphone Cases That Will Make Your Hair Stand


Artist Morgan Loebel, who previously brought us his weird and creepy jewelry inspired by parts of the human body, returns with a collection of gruesome smartphone cases not for the faint of heart. These realistically morbid covers for your mobile phone comprises bulging eyeballs, razor sharp teeth and raw pink flesh. Loebel also makes some models with eyes that stay fixed on you even when the case is turned at various angles.

h/t: designtaxi first custom phone case. #morgansmutations #polymerclay #iphone #iphone6case #horror #instagram

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Color shift eye. iPhone 6/6s case. #instagram #morgansmutations #dentalhygiene #polymerclay #teeth

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I have a iPhone 4/4s case available now! #faceoff #eyephone #horrorcase

A photo posted by Morgan Loebel (@morgansmutations) on

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