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Russian Artist Creates Impressive And Atmospheric Paintings

According to Daria Pochinskaya, a Russia based artist: “I am a self-taught artist. In my artworks, I combine classical figurative painting and abstract, impressive manner of landscape art.

The main character of my paintings are not idealistic, mystical figures at the epicenter of the storm or floating in an impenetrable fog. They are depicted not as powerless before the elements but as part of their power.

In my works, I explore the nature of the depth and power of human emotions. My paintings are a journey, an attempt to capture the gusts of raging winds, which are as sensual and fickle as the human spirit. This is a quickly passing, barely perceptible intimate moment where a person and an element are one. A moment in anticipation of something growing and inevitable.

The atmosphere of my work is often like a dream or a memory. It is a paradox, a unity of strength, storm, and peace.”

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