Photographer Shows The Power Of Perspective With His Stunning Humorous Pictures

This photographer named Hugo Suissas from Lisbon, Portugal creates surreal, mind-bending, and magical photographs by using forced perspective and angles. He turns simple bridges and landscapes into surreal and fantastical places, and items like keys, fruits, and kids’ toys into magical props. Every single photograph has a different story and a different idea. They help us see the dull and boring world that we’re used to in a new and more fun way.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

He told Bored Panda: “What inspires me in life as an artist is to know that art and ideas are able to produce miracles. I believe that creativity can be magic and it can help great challenges in the world. My head doesn’t know what the word ‘stop’ means, and since the world never stops, I would say that it’s a great combination. I am a simple guy, I like simplicity and simple life.”

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