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Artist Created These Creepy Illustrations To Help Cope With This Crazy Year

According to an artist Mark Gagne: “I’m a multi-media illustrator from Ontario, Canada, and during the last couple of months, I’ve been blending my two favorite mediums together into this series I call “Inked Photography.” A few things inspired me to create this series: First, to channel my anxiety into a new artistic area of expression.

So many of us are struggling to cope with this tumultuous year, and art is my therapy. Second, I’ve always been fascinated with the deep dark forests of the world and the strange creatures that might dwell within. Who knows what lurks beyond the veil of our reality? Third, to perhaps make some statement with these creatures about how we’ve made a real mess of this planet. If these creatures did exist, I can’t imagine they’d be very pleased with the damage we’ve done.

As with most of my work, I’ve attempted to balance the creepy and endearing. I hope you find some meaning in these images and enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.”

More: Mark Gagne, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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