Artist Creates Colorful Illustrations Of Inviting And Cozy Japanese Houses – Design You Trust

Artist Creates Colorful Illustrations Of Inviting And Cozy Japanese Houses

Have you ever heard of “Virtual Plein Air”? It is a term used to describe an act of creating art inspired by Google Street Views. Artists literally look for exciting or interesting places they can then use as a source for their illustrations.

In today’s article, we want to introduce you to an artist who got fascinated by Japanese houses she saw on Street Views and started painting them. Her name is Angela Hao and she is an illustrator based in the United States. Even though she is far away from Japan, she manages to explore that country by simply using Google Street View. Not even the pandemic can stop her! She draws tiny, Studio Ghibli-like restaurants, shops and cafes that are so charming you might want to visit them.

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