Photographer Spends 10 Years Tracking Down The Original Locations Of Vinyl Covers

Alex Bartsch is a photographer who is a true reggae fan. He was first introduced to Bob Marley when he was a child, and he got so inspired that he spent 10 years of his life traveling around London searching for original locations of the most famous reggae vinyl covers from 1967 to 1987.

“It often starts with the information on the record sleeve but many of them don’t offer much to go on,” Bartsch told Huck Magazine. “I have learned through doing this project that a good place to start is the area where the label was based. Sometimes it was just outside the door of the record label.”

Although most of the locations haven’t changed much, the photographer discovered that some of them have disappeared or were probably turned into supermarkets, flats, and became impossible to find.

More: Alex Bartsch, Instagram, Kickstarter h/t: demilked

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