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Cyberpunk and Space Fantasy: Kawaii Sci-Fi Art by Guillaume Singelin

Guillaume Singelin is a French comics artist, one of the co-authors of the comic strip Loba Loca and simply a great illustrator and multi-faceted artist who has worked with publishers such as First Second, Label619 and many others in his time.

Singelin’s work is very special due to his ‘chibiki’ – little people, a bit reminiscent of manga characters in terms of style. The artist draws them with such warmth and diligence in various sci-fi and not so sci-fi circumstances (he especially succeeds in classic cyberpunk and space locations inspired by Blade Runner and Alien) that you can look at them all day long. Excellent detailing, pleasing colors and compositional precision turn even the smallest watercolor sketch by Singelin into a real work of art.

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