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Artist Creates Dreamy Phantom Clouds Descend From The Sky


Barcelona-based artist and illustrator Vorja Sánchez creates dreamy Phantom Clouds Descend from the Sky. Vorja is fascinated by nature. He expresses all his love for it giving life to its elements, fauna, and flora through marvelous illustrations. In this series, each sprawling character is hand-drawn on top of a photograph.

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In his words about this series “It is fun to play at giving an appearance to fauna and flora that a priori (rationally) should not have. Nature, being ubiquitous, allows you to empathize with a creature even if you have never seen it before. You can create a being with a new appearance, but if you follow the guidelines you observe in the natural elements, it will be familiar, friendly. That’s the point I’m trying to reach with my work. Nature, in its inherent essence, grants the same dynamics of form regardless of the transcendence or size of each being, plant or element. In this way, a microorganism can have the same spheroidal structure as a galaxy, or the stone of a fruit the labyrinthine appearance of the shell of some type of invertebrate.”


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