Russian Artist Creates Incredible Animated Tattoos with Neon Lights

Maxim Sipakov is an 18-year-old animator living in Russia. He specializes in adding neon lights to videos from other creators and began his page by animating soccer videos. He soon found his new niche by animating videos from tattoo artists, adding an entirely new dimension to an existing piece. And now, his videos have been viewed more than one million times on Instagram.

Sipakov has added animation to a number of tattoos by artists from around the world, including Juan Salgado of Puerto Rico, Michael Taguet of France and Pony Lawson of the United States. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite neon tattoo animations that he has crafted in the gallery below. Take a peek at these videos and let us know your favorite tattoo animation in the comments section on social media.

More Instagram, Youtube h/t: iknedmag

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