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Surreal And Slightly Morbid Illustrations By Virginia Mori

Young girls in dark dresses with black hair around their doll-like faces – these are the main characters of Italian illustrator who creates surreal drawings with a touch of horror.

Virginia Mori, 36, lives and works in Pesaro and Milan, Italy. Her favorite media are pencil, ink, and ballpoint pen on paper. The artist gain following because of her unique, dark and surreal style and imagery.

“I can’t say how I arrived at this style,” Virginia told to stylenochaser. “It has been a long and slow journey filled with a lot of research, but everything came very naturally, in a very instinctive way. I just followed what I like to do.”

Artist’s illustrations often have a melancholic or the nightmarish feel to them.

“I am not trying to explain anything with certainty with my art. I just want to suggest strange feelings and situations in a metaphoric way.”

More: Virginia Mori, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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