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Artist Butcher Billy Creates a Series of Posters for Stranger Things Season 4


The Brazilian Pop Art illustrator Butcher Billy (previously featured) has created a series of posters for the Netflix production Stranger Things 4 which has captivated audiences and become a worldwide phenomenon on social media, and beyond.

The nine artworks – one for each episode of Stranger Things season four – chime with the show’s avowed 1980s vibe, playing on the aesthetics of old comics, horror novel jackets and movie posters. Designed specifically for the Stranger Things social media campaign, the artworks tap into the dark fantasy aspect of the story, offering fans a sinister alternative to the standard promo posters, which typically feature group shots of the characters.

More: Butcher Billy, Instagram h/t: boredpanda


“They’re not the usual art that is made for a series. These play with the iconography, symbols and specific elements of the show, focusing more on the gory and scary scenes without giving away too much of what happens. Overall, they are teasers for each chapter,” said Butcher Billy.


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