Uninspirational Posters For People Who Hate Inspirational Posters

You are bound to see the occasional motivational poster whenever you look through your Facebook or Instagram feed, but this account (previously) is for people who practically shudder at the sight of these uplifting quotes. However, for those who just can’t spend a day single without wasting money online, they’ve recently released Uninspirational 2021 Calendar.

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“At first glance, this calendar looks to be full of inspirational quotes to help you feel good about yourself. . .others. . .life. Upon closer inspection, however, the quotes are slightly skewed to the sassy, pessimistic, and sometimes swear-y side–upending the whole concept of “”inspiration””! Taken from the Instagram account @unspirational by Elan Gale, the daily reminders to keep it real and not so serious fill Unspirational 2021 Day-to-Day Calendar with quotes that are a bit UNspirational, reminding the reader that “”Some clouds don’t have a silver lining.”” Trickery at its finest!”

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