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“Consumed and Controlled”: Our Dark Future in Provoking Artworks by Zach McLean

Zach McLean is a Digital Cinematic Storyteller based in Vancouver.

Consumed and Controlled

“I love creating new worlds. Most recently I’ve become fascinated in how fast the world is changing. Innovation in media and tech has serious effects on society. Good, bad? You choose.”

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Where did it come from?

The Only Escape

“There was nowhere else to go. Nowhere was safe. Only in their secret place would they never be found.”

Lost Sheep

スズキ Delivery

“New order ready for delivery.”

Fight The New Drug

“Bringing awareness to a silent drug, that’s often not discussed or questioned. If we want to help stop sex trafficking, a great place to start would be our society’s obsession with porn.”

Watching the sunset on the old 60s Ford GT

Complimentary EV charging at McDonalds

Taking a break to charge their electric Ferrari F40

Boba cyborg, serving you some bubble tea

New work all about information, privacy, and big tech

The Signs

“‘The Signs’ is part of a new series named IN THE BUBBLE. The work is inspired by innovation and the constant changes being seen in the world. Covid-19 has had drastic effects on social norms, healthcare, media, economics, technology and more. Are we in a bubble of innovation? Are the changes permanent and evolving at a rate, which we haven’t seen before?

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