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Jewelry Designer Makes Fantastic Light-Up Earrings and Accessories


Diana Căldărescu is a technical designer and fashion illustrator based in Los Angeles and New York City. She creates apparel, jewelry and illustrations that explores visual themes in Art Deco glamour and midcentury Soviet kitsch.

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These chandelier earrings look exactly like the grandiose chandeliers you see in elegant contemporary houses, but on a miniature scale. At first, the idea of having chandeliers hanging by your ears may sound absurd, but… well… it actually is a completely ridiculous idea!


Whether you wear them lit up or not, they’re a statement piece like no other, and the ear cuff design means they’re comfortable to wear and never feel heavy! Made of brass, glass crystals and 14k gold-filled sterling silver hooks.


To put on or change the battery, gently twist to unscrew the flat side of the battery pack and place a fresh CR1632 battery, positive facing towards you. Then screw it back in place.


To wear the ear cuffs, hook the top of the ear cuff over the top of your ear where it meets the head, and bend the cuff gently to secure it onto your ear. Make sure the battery pack at the bottom of the ear cuff is tucked behind your earlobe. If bent in place, it will stay on securely.


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